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How to Pack for a Cheerleading Competition

Are you packing for your first cheerleading competition? Or maybe you are a cheerleading vet, but chronically forget critical items on competition days.

You should never wait until the last minute to pack for a competition. Always make a list of items you need to pack.

If you don't know where to start, this 'Top 10' packing list should help.

Top 10 Packing List

Use the checklist below so you can wake up on the day of your competition knowing that you are prepared:

1. Competition uniform: Usually includes spanks, skirt and/or pants, vest, and crop top. Don't forget your cheer shoes and socks, as well as your sports bra (you do not want to compete without one of these on). Always have a backup in case you or a teammate need more support.

2. Comfortable shoes, like sandals or flip flops: You will most likely have a lot of downtime during the competition, so it is always nice to have some comfy shoes to slip on to give your feet a little break.

3. Warm-ups: You will probably wear your warm-ups to the competition, but if not, be sure to bring them in your bag. You don’t want to sit around in your polyester cheer uniform all day.

4. Make-up & hair accessories: When competing, you want to put your best face forward, and that means using make-up to enhance the complete look of your outfit and team. Another reminder:  You must always have your hair pulled out of your face. Items like hair ties, bobby pins and hair spray are essential to keep your hair in place while you are tumbling and stunting.

5. Athletic tape & aspirin: You never know when your wrists or ankles might start bothering you. Keep a role of tape in your cheer bag at all times, just in case of an emergency. Fall out of your stunt during warm ups? Good thing you put some aspirin in your bag! You do not want to go into a competition with a headache or any other unwanted pain.

Hot Tip: Pack in Advance

Try getting ready the day or even week before the event—you may be surprised how much easier it makes the whole process. If there are items you can’t pack until the last minute, use a reminder note placed in an unforgettable spot for the morning of the big event.And make sure that you wash your uniform and warm-ups a couple days in advance so you don't forget them in the dryer when you take off in a rush!

6. Camera: Competitions can be some of the most memorable times in your life. Always bring your camera so that you can capture that first place win.

7. Music backup: Every team must provide their own music at a competition and it is a cheerleader’s worst nightmare to discover that no one brought the music for the routine. Be prepared and bring an extra copy.

8. Snacks and water: While most venues will sell snacks and water, it's just as easy to bring your own and much cheaper. Be sure to hydrate yourself and have a snack before and after your routines.

9. Money: Cheerleading apparel is sold at most competitions and you may want to buy a program or souvenir.

10. Entertainment: You may be stuck sitting in the bleachers for hours waiting for the awards ceremony, so always have some form of entertainment handy, like an iPod or a book.

Be Positive!

Last, but not least, remember to bring a positive attitude and competitive spirit with you: With all of the nerves that come with competing, it’s easy to get anxious and stressed out. Remember that you worked hard to get to the competition and you need to do your best. It’s important to stay positive and upbeat—competing should be a fun experience for everyone involved.

Did you remember to pack everything for your cheer competition? Use this guide so you can wake up on the day of your cheerleading competition prepared and ready to go.
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